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17 Mar 2010

Midnight cackle

If you hear a becoming cackle on Radio 2 just after midnight, there's only one person it can be!

The Schaf ("weatherman of the year") was on Janice Long's show again last night, talking about leprechauns and explaining how a green-tie would clash with the chromakey.

Fast-foward to 00:43:20

I sense Tomasz gets stressed at the Weather Centre, bless his heart. He needs a nice soothing massage I say... although he informs us he gets loosened up by alphawaves in his tropical garden-- or has a ride on his bike. Bike rides tend to stress me out, because local farmers like to regularly flail the hedges-- hawthorns and tyres-- not a good mix Photobucket

He then went all Ainsley Harriot, by describing his "avocado à Schafernaker"-- there's a dish to be sampled.

To all my Irish readers, hope you're having a great "St Paddy's Day". Go easy on the Guiness and Murphy's {i}

{i} ["Adrian Chiles" voice] Other stout brands available


  1. What a catchy laugh he has!! I think Tom should do the weather in a total green outfit next time [if he has to wear something *sighs*], just to be a rebel ;-p Call it a celebration of St Paddie's Day!

    Btw, where do you get these pics of the great man himself from?! Today's is as cheeky as ever!

    Best wishes

  2. Thanks for the comment Matt :-)

    A lovely laugh he has, Janice clearly adores him.

    He could do the forceast in green, but you'd just see his head floating about! The green attire would match the green chromakey-- making his clothes invisble (sadly not see-through!)

    Most the pics I've got his Twitter avatar, plus other sources.

    I wonder if he was on this morning again... they're working funny shifts at present...

  3. Seems to a lot of us that Schafernaker is being used less and less by the beeb. Can't remember when he was last on the news at 1.00. The beeb has taken umbrage at his fooling about on that photo session and when it does you're finished.

  4. Interesting point Anonymous: As I've mentioned in my latest post, the forecasts seem to be working funny shifts at present-- Dan Corbett and Matt Talyor doing lunchtime for instance!

    I have been wondering whether there's an ulterior motive for Tomasz getting an agent, setting up his own website and his public Fbk page (even his Attitude photoshoot before that).