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21 Mar 2010

Out from the cold

Very strange goings-on at BBC Weather of late. Dan Corbett doing lunchtime shifts, when normally he's on in the evening; as well as Matt Taylor, who is usually about in the morning. Then Laura Tobin being transferred to early mornings, along with Tomasz.

In fact I haven't seen The Schaf for a while, I'm sure he's taking a well-deserved break. So I'm delving into the archives: Since it was the vernal equinox yesterday, we are now starting to leave the parky weather behind-- so a bit of 'nostalgia' for you. The Schaf's cold weather re-mix, courtesy of GMCAG, from October 2008

I get withdrawl symptoms when Tomasz isn't on... I could make a joke about withdrawl, but I won't Photobucket

Perhaps I ought to get down to the BBC Weather Centre (on a tour) and hope to bump into Tomasz while I still can! Although I think I would faint if I met him in real life [haha]


  1. According to the TBT he was on 5Live today:

    And possibly yesterday too.

    Fairly sure I saw him on the World forecasts as well.

  2. Ah thanks for that Kirsty, I hadn't looked at that today.

    I trust you'll be getting one of Dan's scorecards!

  3. New weather goings on - *says in an Andy voice from Little Britain* 'don't like it'.
    Tomasz is like the moon - he comes and goes in phases! [Don't Roger...just don't LOL].

    What on earth are these 'scorecards' that Dan keeps going on about? I really find it hard work to follow what he says...he personifies everything and talks in riddles! I can imagine him being like the character in Little Britain who plays the fiddle and runs a scottish hotel!!

    He is still great though!

    I'm going on a BBC tour on 4th September...who knows? Everything's crossed! I'm looking forward to seeing the weather centre, the weather centre, oh...and the weather centre. Can't think why ;-p I'm gonna hold that met office beaver to ransom if the other, cuddlier [insert your own word/s here] isn't there!!

    Best wishes all

  4. Tomasz coming in phases... ooh! Ooh! As you can probably tell, I much prefer The Fast Show to Little Britain (shoot me now!), guess it's my age.

    Anyway Tomasz used to be frequently on in the afternoon, with the occasional night-shift. Now they're all over the shop... most odd.

    Dan's riddles... more like Brother Strange out of Knightmare. Fast-foward 3:07...

    Well the lovely Kirsty is the authority on all things Dan and his Carroll-esque riddles, so maybe she has the answer. I shall look on her blog shortly!

    I hope Spe 4th will be a day Tomasz lurks around the Weather Centre. I hear that he smells nice, and is capable of turning your legs to jelly [sigh]

  5. Once the beeb decides that a spot like a weather forecast is becoming a homo-erotic corner - and it will be reading blogs like this - the cause of it will be doomed. If Schafernaker is daft enough to get his kit off for money without realising how his bosses will react he must accept the results. Much more famous faces than his - Simon Dee, Benny Hill, Charlie Drake, were written off to be used no more. Tough.

  6. Well I would hope the BBC are more enlightened these days.

    Indeed such facets haven't done Graham Norton any harm on the Beeb-- or John Barrowman. Both of whom are not exactly shy about their sexuality!

    Besides, Tomasz has just won a TRIC award and his BBC boss gave him glowing praise (this being a couple of months after his Attitude shoot), and let him have long chats with Janice Long-- so I don't think he's for the chop just yet.

  7. The beeb isn't being accused of being homophobic. The point is that the weather forecaster is becoming the story. I don't see any blogs like this one about Graham Norton and I don't think that he is watched for his physical beauty.

  8. I wouldn't (and didn't) accuse the BBC of homophobia, my previous remarks were concerning Tomasz's forecasts being "homo-erotic corner".

    John Barrowman has plenty of admirers for *that* reason, and there are Torchwood and Doctor Who forums that discusses Cpt Jack's/John's sexual exploits. Given JB regularly pops up on the Beeb, I'd say they have no problem with that.

    Regarding Graham Norton, he may not have a blog-- but he does have a least forums in his honour-- and his chat-show is replete with homo-eroticism. The same chat show that is still going strong, presented by a person who is deemed fit for family entertainment shows too.

    As for Tomasz, so what if he's becoming the story? I don't think the BBC have problems with this; after all the Beeb posted his collection of TRIC award on the BBC's website!

    It would be hypocritical of the BBC to complain about gay men tuning to drool over Tomasz. Television execs naturally favour people who are easy on the eye.

    I'm sure the BBC knew what they were doing when they hired a hunky gay man to present the weather (without wanting to detract from his talents as a broadcast meteorologist), and producers let him wear the revealing clothes he chooses for his Country Tracks performances!

    If the presence of Tomasz gets viewers flocking in to watch BBC News or listening to Radio 2 in the early morning, then I'm sure his bosses won't mind.

    Besides this blog celebrates Tomasz chiefly as a personality: I think he's a very special person, a star; a lovely and charitable character. His perceived physical beauty is just a bonus, the icing on the cake for me.

  9. I agree totally with that ^. So what if he is 'the story'? Pretty damn good story if you ask me. He deserves to be 'the story'. It works both many straight men tune in and write on blogs drooling over Laura Tobin or Sarah Keith-Lucas? *A lot* To think that in today's technology/mass-media/instant messaging age, people in the public eye are only recognised for what they do as a profession is very naive. How many times have female BBC newsreaders appeared in lingerie on page 3 of the Sunday papers?! Fiona Bruce [still employed] Natasha Kaplinski [still employed on 5]

    Early 2007 was the time for me when I first noticed Schaf's *weather presenting style*. I am interested in the weather myself and have kept a record for 7 years, which Tom has wished me luck doing for the future [indicative of STAR QUALITY] For the rest of 2007, 2008 and 2009 it was great when Tomasz was on, because his down-to-earth style appealed to the everyday viewer. He also has always gone against the Michael Fish weather-stereotype that you have to be 50+ and have a moustache to do it. So I was a fan of Tom for 3.5 years before this whole business with Attitude.

    As Roger says, the fact he has rock-hard pecs or abs to me is not essential, because I went 3 years on his personality and weather talents, when booted and suited. The fact he has a good bod is the tasty icing on the cake. But I know, that just because you have a good body doesn't make you a good person. Schaf is a good person [look at the money he has raised for charity in 2 weeks], talented, smart, great personality, and if on top of that he is easy on the eye, so be it. It's another thing, not necessarily of the biggest importance to me, added into the Schaf hotpot.

    Tomasz knew the risks with this shoot before he did it..he's not stupid. And he's still young, which means if something should happen to him at the beeb, he will be able to go to Sky or ITV. As a licence fee payer, I would much rather pay the wage of Tomasz [the person, not the body], than of other BBC employees who get ridiculous wages. And ultimatley, the Attutude shoot couldn't have been that 'outrageous' [as the Daily Wail would like to put across] seeing as Tomasz beat Kirkwood and [who?] in winning a TRIC Award. He won that for 'BEST weather presenter', not 'best pec structure'.

    In regards to the statement 'there are more famous people out there'? Well...yeah. So? Does that mean we all have to stop having Tomasz as a role model/idol or stop showing appreciation toward him because there are 'more famous people out there'? Not gonna happen.

  10. ^I couldn't put it better myself Matt, spot-on with your remarks.

    Tomasz is doing anybody any harm, indeed the TRIC award would demonstrate otherwise.

    Charlie Drake was ditched because he became an alcoholic, and turned up to work drunk.

    Benny Hill got ditched because ratings fell; arguments of sexism aside, his show became formulaic and trite for British audience

    Simon Dee fell out of favour because of his increasingly arrogant and spiteful demeanour: The public will only entertain it for so long, as Gordon Ramsay has been finding out.

    Apart from a few Scots (who need to get over themselves) and invented outrage from the Daily Heil, Tomasz is a professional-- but doesn't take himself seriously-- a combination which continues to endear him to viewers.

    Oh and he happens to rather good-looking and hunky. Who'd've thought it? A gorgeous, lovely BBC gay male presenter with brains. To begrudge him says more about people's jealousy/insecurity than it does about Tomasz, I say.