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24 Mar 2010

Tomasz and rusty manholes

The Schaf has been lurking in the realms of early-morning Radio 2 again, chatting with the lovely Janice Long.

On Tuesday morning, our hero started proceedings with a glorious guffaw-- laughing about Janice's dog's feeding habits-- as one does. Janice asked Tomasz about his day: He told us he had a "good one at the gym" in the morning, then handled a couple of plums during his dinner-break.

He also revealed he was a Capricorn: Personally I don't believe in star-signs, I'm sceptical like that-- typical Pisces.

Janice's topic for the night was regional dishes. Our hero mused that northern Poland is probably known for pierogi: Small dumplings full of meat, potato, sauerkraut or cheese. I wonder if Tomasz is partial to a bit of żurek, golonka, gołąbki,naleśniki, bigos, kotlet schabowy-- served with grzyby? Tomasz is of course dishier than any of those [grin]

Fast-foward to 0:43:00

This morning's topic was phobias: Janice recalled the previous day's newspaper story of the lady who could only have sex outdoors, and couldn't do it in bed. Tomasz laughed at this, uncharacteristically there was no comment forthcoming from him!

He did admit to having a 'phobia'-- he has issues with rusty manholes {i}. When he was a kid, he once fell down one-- so he's wary about walking on those large covers now. Janice has similar fears, albeit with cellar doors in pubs {ii}

Fast-foward to 0:47:03

{i} Why, what did you think I was talking about?
["Terry Thomas: Yooebsuhloot shaaar!" emoticon]
{ii} Verging into Sherrie Hewson territory there!

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