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26 Mar 2010

Hello, good evening and bollo...

Tomasz has definitely made it now, he got a mention in Viz this month! An oblique reference in the Profanisaurus, edited by some bloke off the telly...

Whatever could they mean? Photobucket

Tomasz has revamped his website again, he has a new target for his bike-ride-- £2500 by September. I'm sure the Schaffanatics out there will help him achieve that. Maybe his masterful new picture will persuade you...

With regards to certain comments posted lately, I'd like to say the following. I first became a fan of Tomasz was back in 2006: My work-canteen constantly had the News Channel on (or News 24 as was), and one day I saw the most gorgeous man I'd ever seen-- it was Tomasz doing a weather forecast.

So I admit I was struck by his beauty at first, but it was his bubbly humour, style and intelligence that got me hooked. Everyday I looked out for Tomasz, as I went down for my lunch-- hoping he would brighten up my day-- which he frequently did.

Then I saw him do a Countryfile forecast in his customary tight T-shirt and taut jeans; I admit again, I was further spellbound by his beauty. I did some research on him; my suspicions were confirmed (!!) and I came to realise what a special *person* Tomasz is. His interests, intelligence, character, talents and his great sense of humour.

As I saw more Youtbue clips of him, and internet chatter about him, a theme was starting to emerge: The suggestion that somebody should set up a fan club for him. So I stepped up to the plate September last year!

So I'm not one of these Johnny-come-latelies who like The Schaf just because he posed for Attitude wearing very little (the sort of people who "had no idea" he had body like that underneath his suits-- where have they been?!).

And also I don't just like Tomasz because he's exceedingly handsome {i}, has perfect skin, buff body and other [ahem] 'outstanding' features-- to me that's an added and amazing bonus. There's far more to him, than his looking stunning in Attitude.

I admire more his talent as a forecaster; his charisma, his adorable personality, superb sense of humour, kind treatment of fans, modesty, impressive bilingualism, his varied interests and talents.

Tomasz, you're an incredible bloke-- utterly beautiful *inside* and out.

{i} Yes those blue eyes, stubbled and chiselled jawline, cute nose and ears, heart-melting smile, lush lips, lovely dark-blond hair and flawless skin-- most of all the brain behind it all.


  1. Imagines Sapphists Hiding Everywhere30 March 2010 at 18:14

    That's all very well, but hin hall 'onesty ay doubt whether ee his as versah'ile has huther meteorologists what spring t' maynd. Ay 'ave in maynd wun what is ay verih'able peragon of versah'ility and dotes on the nags. Does your lad dote on the nags? Well does ee?

    Y'reet uhwah?

  2. Ee up lad, long tahme naw 'ear,

    Oof, well R Tomasz is like an oss in one respect [snortle]. Ad'd say 'e uz versatahl uz t'other weather presenter, one whom we knaw, mewtulleh lahk.

    Ah'm grand lad, sithee.