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1 Apr 2010

Praise indeed

All a bit quiet on the Schafernaker front at present: So I'm grateful to Terratec for uploading this forecast from March 16th, for those suffering televisual Tomasz withdrawl symptoms. Our own ray of sunshine talking about "squeezing out 15"

The Schaf has written a blog this week, lamenting the poor April weather. Although I like the cool temperatures and lack of strong sunshine, I don't like incessant rain. I concede one advantage of warm weather, is Tomasz in rugby shirts.

Finally, I've had the ultimate praise. One of my heroes, the television critic Ian Hyland (he of talking-heads/Top 100 shows) has said of my blog: "Splendid work". There can be no higher praise (well except of The Schaf himself, of course!). I suppose I better mention a link to Ian Hyland's page, hadn't I?

Do widzenia


  1. Howdy,
    the forecast is from 16 March :)

  2. Ah thanks for that, shall correct it. March 16th eh, a special birthday treat for me.

  3. Congratulations abuout Mr Hyland's comments! Much of the best blogs out there!