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9 Apr 2010

Flux of the arbitrary

Cześć Schaffanatics.

Sorry I have not issued any posts of late, I've just not encountered any appearances by His Loveliness of late: He hasn't been on Janice Long, lunchtime news or on in the evenings

I can't monitor the New Channel as much I used to, since I've started a new job-- I've been busier than a one-armed taxi-driver with crabs. So I'm failing slightly in my duties as chief Schaffanatic-- przepraszam to Tomasz if he's reading this.

He has posted a blog this week, feast you eyes on this. I would like to get on my bike (as people often tell me to), but the farmers have been out with their flailers. Hawthorns and tyres aren't a good mix {i}

If anybody does have footage of a recent Tomasz forecast, I would kindly receive it. Without my fix of The Schaf, I go slightly mad...

Or as Liza Minnelli pondered, am I losing my mind? Marvel at the PSB, as they get sound out of equipment that clearly isn't switched on...

{i} Speaking of cycling, let's all help Tomasz get up to £2500 for his ride-- it's for charidee gherkins!


  1. Although Tomasz has been scheduled to appear on tv (BBC Today's Broadcasting Team), he didn't materalise. It makes you wonder whether or not he's jumped ship or been let go....

    I will dig into previous forecasts if he's not back soon.

  2. No need to apologise Roger.
    You do a great job for us here on "The Schaf"
    - for which, many thanks.

  3. @terratec
    Most curious, isn't it? I hope he's not ill or anything-- or left indeed left the Beeb. Although Dan and his "pic-nic baskets" are entertaining, it's not the same without His Loveliness or a lunchtime.

    Ah, thanks Anon-- that's very kind of you. I try my best [thumbs up]

  4. He's been a bit quiet on Twitter too. Although he did post about attending a memorial for the tragic plane crash