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12 Apr 2010

Short but serious

I see that Tomasz was scheduled to be on today, although I don't think he broadcasted? I note he attended the memorial service at Gunnersbury Park (in Greater London) for the dreadful plane-crash in Russia, which claimed the lives of the Polish president Lech Kaczynski; as well as senior figures in Polish public life and many others.

I do hope none of Tomasz's nearest or dearest was caught up in that: Either the way, it was a horrifying event; my (I'm sure everybody else's here) thoughts are with the Polish on this very sad week. Spoczywajcie w pokoju


  1. I'd say "Spoczywajcie w pokoju", cause "spoczywaj w" is a singular form of "rest in"

  2. Yes, my apologies, quite right. I ought to have spotted that.