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15 Apr 2010

Dusty dusk

A most curious day Schaffanatics... Tomasz was due on today, but did not materialise on the BBC airwaves. However a Tweet posted by the good man himself, informs us: "Had a real fun and good photoshoot today! :-D".

I suspect it may be for Attitude, since Dr Christian {i} was tweeting about a photoshoot he did with said magazine yesterday ("not wearing many clothes"). Could be for Cosmo, on their regular Everyman shoots {iii}. Or perhaps the rumoured calendar (if that's an in-joke, I have a feeling it will become a self-fulfilling prophesy!)

Of course the big news today is not the barely distinguishable (or distinguished) party leaders tentatively toughing it out on the telly tonight; but of volcanic ash ejected from Eyjafjallajokull {ii}. The dust, currently drifting 20,000ft in the atmosphere, ought to produce a dramatic sunset and/or sunrise over the coming hours-- the 'cinematic effect'.

A delve into the archives: Tomasz getting a tickly cough on last year's vernal equinox. He needs something soothing to swallow, poor luv

^With thanks to Terratec

{i} Mr Jesson of Embarrasing Bodies/getting male sports teams to strip naked for tenuous reasons fame-- also writes health column in Attitude.
{ii} Easy for you to say.
{iii} A charity that promotes prostate cancer awareness. Cosmopolitan get celebs to disrobe, to raise money for the charity.


  1. Tomasz was scheduled to do forecasts on the Radio's 2, 4, 5 and World Service. I don't listen to the radio so cant confirm whether or not he was on. But if previous schedules are owt to go by, then probably not.

  2. PS Scheduled to appear on Saturday 17 April I meant to say.