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18 Apr 2010

Ring of fire

Alas it looks as though Tomasz will be away from our screens a little longer: Judging by his Twitter, he was due to jet off on his holidays. If did that now, he'd get clogged up with sulphur and ash-- and we don't want that happening.

Instead he's having a "home-cation"... there's one for Suzie Dent-- she did declare "staycation" as one the words of 2009. She'll be uttering Tomasz's coinage on Countdown before we know it {i}

Anybody blessed with nice sunsets? They have been nice round my way, but a bit lacklustre sadly-- seen better ones. I doubt The Schaf would be interested in my pictures of slightly peachy-coloured sun setting over the dreaming towerblocks of Nottingham.

However if you do have an impressive sunset pic, they are welcome on his Fbk page or via website. Who needs a vivid sunset, when Tomasz is out of this world!

{i} Although I haven't watched said programme since Ricko left us. I still shed a tear when I hear the words tangelo or leotard. And I can't drive through Wetwang anymore (bang go my day-trips to Great Driffield)


  1. Perhaps Tomasz is really out of this world...that's why he isn't on TV at the mo! In that pic above, is the alien on the left or right?! LOL [Tom has a brighter glow than any ET can offer]

    I'd bet you'd watch Countdown again Rog if Tom was next to the Dentoid in Dictionary Corner!'Isohels' and 'isohyets' gallore! 2 of my fav people sat next to each other...[sigh]

    Best wishes Roger and all! ;-)

  2. Do you think he's been beamed up Matt? I would say Tomasz is celestial rather than extra-terrestrial.

    I did watch Countdown for a week last year, when Ian Hyland was in dictionanry corner!

  3. He's been beamed up cos he's positively heavenly as you say! They only want the best gene pool for a new outerspace civilisation! Like ET though, you just want to put him in a blanket and put him in your bike basket! LOL

  4. I wonder if Tomasz ever has been abducted by aliens, and subsequently probed?

    I wouldn't want Tomasz to go in my bike-basket, I'd give him something firm to sit on instead.