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27 Apr 2010

Cold comfort

Dzien dobry, guten Abend, bonsoir, god kveld and ey up mi ducks.

Nothing new on the Tomasz front on the airwaves for a while. So I've delved through the archives, found this clip of Tomasz cutely describing a cool night {i}...

His prolonged disappearence is even more unsettling and mysterious than Ashes To Ashes. If you want my theory: The disfigured policeman is actually Gene Hunt, '1983' is limbo and all its habitants are dead in the 'real world'. The Hunt we know represents 'life/salvation', Keats is 'death/damnation'.

As I type, an update on The Schaf! Or more accurately Tomasz has updated his site, a cracking new photo of him on the homepage. Feast you eyes on his. I lost ten minutes doing so.

Plus a message on Fbk from His Loveliness: "Hello all, I have been doing other things recently but back on screen next week. See you then! PS: My website has been refreshed (again), new stuff on the way!"

I imagine he's been busy preparing for his sundry bike-rides. Tomasz donning lycra and training hard-- makes me want to challenge myself {ii}

{i} What's that Skippy? "I'm starting to scrape the barrel now"?
{ii} Remember to donate for Tomasz's bike-ride from London to Paris. I would like to donate more, but my finances are tighter than a Freemason's handshake.


  1. Good news Tomasz is back on next week - the BBC must've decided to renew the Met Office weather contract??

  2. I suppose so... new financial year has been and gone.

    I'm pleased he's back on, I've missed him so much! I wonder what this new photoshoot is-- a calendar perhaps?

  3. That new photo is rather good isn't it? His arms are looking very nice - hope he gives us a flash of them on Country Tracks (or File, whichever it is).

    p.s. I'm glad you're keeping this page going - even when Tomasz is laying low.

  4. Indeed they are Tzukenut! As does the rest of him, beautiful as ever [sigh]. I'm not worthy, etc.

    He's back next week, overnight I believe! He does (or did do) Country Tracks, which replaced Countryfile, when the latter moved to its evening slot.

    The weather is warming up, so I hope the arms come out again... although F1 often supplants Country Tracks [boo hiss]. Of late it has been Dan Corbett doing the honours, with his pic-nic baskets.

    Tomasz can lie low with me anytime [haha]