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30 Apr 2010

Growers and showers

Tomasz has posted a couple of new blogs. First one is about his gardening prowress ; nice shot of his "tropical garden" and what's growing in it.

Although the temperatures have been above average in recent days, April showers are coming to the fore now. Judging by how Tomasz looks in jeans, he has definitely been taking fashion tips from Chris Beardshaw. I doubt Mr Beardshaw's dibber is quite as impressive as The Schaf's though.

His other blog is about the London to Paris bike ride, no doubt a gruelling ride... a bike ride around the Vale of Belvoir is gruelling enough for me, so hats off to Tomasz.

So I've rummaged around in my pockets, delved down the back of my sofa, pleaded with friends/acquaitances/people charmed by low cunning and eyelash-fluttering, and contributed a złoty or two. Please do Tomasz proud and spend a wad on him-- it's for "charidee"! {ii}

Finally, keep an eye for His Loveliness's return in the next few days, on the airwaves.


{ii} To quote the great philosopher DJ Mike Smash


  1. Blonde Sapphist Hussy In The Rovers2 May 2010 at 16:37

    "Nod Arf, mate!

  2. Just seen Tomasz on BBC News Channel for the first time in yonks (at about 10:30 pm). Have to say, looked like his pecs were struggling to stay inside his shirt - might have been my fevered imagination but I think he's been working out a bit more.


  3. @Blonde Sapphist Hussy In The Rovers

    Rockadoodledoo superb pal!

    He was looking as stunning as ever [sigh]. Footage forthcoming.