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10 Mar 2010

An excellent TRIC

I'm sure you'll recall that The Schaf was nominated for a Television & Radio Industry Club (TRIC) award recently, for best weather presenter. I'm delighted to say Tomasz won, and rightly so! Photobucket

I'm sure, like me, you want to give him a warm hand.

His rivals were Carol Kirkwood (who's won it twice before) and Peter Cockcroft (me neither... hardly Jon Mitchell!). However Tomasz deserves it on his own merit: For his engaging forecasts, delightful personality, charity work and being "piękny". I think the Attitude shoot may have swung it as well [haha]

Here is Tomasz collecting his award from Brendan Cole (he off Strictly Coming Dancing). More photos on Facebook

Footage of The Schaf collecting his award-- lovely gleeful run and acceptance speech... plus Tomasz's own blog on the award

Speaking of Attitude, our hero was in it again this month {i}: He attended Gareth Thomas's coming-out party, organised by said magazine-- it was held at the Movida Club in London's Soho.

Tomasz clearly getting himself acquainted with his fellow cover-stars (Jonny somebody?) {iii}...

And with the man of the moment, Gareth Thomas {ii}

However this (highlighted) bit in the write-up, amused me.

I really hope they are being wry there! Nothing "strangely popular" about Tomasz at all-- he's beautiful inside and out-- plus he's got oodles of charisma! No wonder everyone wants to know him. Although they write in an above picture-caption, that he's the "lovely" Tomasz Schafernaker, so we'll let the author off.

Finally a bit of Tomasz on Saturday night-- wouldn't you just! From 11:56pm. "Gin clear skies too!"
Thanks Terratec365

{i} April's Attitude is out in the shops now
{ii} The shaved eyebrow strikes again! Tomasz is 5'8" and Gareth Thomas is 6'3", in case you're wondering!
{iii} Johnny Partridge I'm told, Christian from Eastenders. See here, Ryan Price's lovely website


  1. The Johnny in question is Johnny Partridge who plays Christian in EastEnders.

  2. Aaaah... I don't watch Deadenders, so I wouldn't know.

    I recognise his name though, he was talking to Elaine Paige on Radio 2 the other Sunday-- he's very much 'into musical theatre'.

  3. What a busy week...something happening all the time at the moment to keep us Schaffenaticks busy!

    He deserved to win [biased? Moi!]. And he's doing so well with the sponsorship, 3 days in...over a grand raised already. Well done to all the people who have sponsored! And if you are the one that gave £500 last night, Tomasz wants an email [I'd give him a phone number too...he may call you!]

  4. Oof, I know Matt! It's like busses... a week of nothing-- then it all comes at once!

    If Tomasz didn't win, there would've been violence, outrage and general disorder! Besides Carol has won at least a couple of times now.

    I love the way his BBC boss said he always had faith in Tomasz, and rightly so. His muddy shites, Indiana Jones impressions and Attitude shoots make him even more of a "legend" (to use contemporary 'yoof' speak, innit)

    Wow, I hadn't realised somebody had stumped up £500-- knocks my £25 into a cocked hat. [Sigh] If only I weren't skint, then I could've had a personal thank you from Tomasz [LOLish]

    Every little counts though, he should raise loads.

  5. Many congratulations to Tomasz on his award - much as I like Carol, it was someone else's turn and I can't think of anybody more deserving than The Schaf.

    John Partridge has a background in musical theatre and, like our Tomasz, has a very nice bod that looks good in a suit or in a bit less.

    Good luck to Tomasz with his fundraising too (good-looking, fit bod, talented & good-hearted too - I'm not sure I actually like him any more!)


  6. I shall resist the very strong urge to do a Kanye ('Yo, Schaf, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but...') so shall simply settle for 'well done' instead.
    Certainly the most deserving winner of those nominees.

  7. @Tzukenut
    Many thanks for the comment, much appreciated!

    I like to think that this blog, and the merry band of Schaffanatic, in part prompted TRIC to nominate Tomasz for the award. Especially when they see what a high regard we hold The Schaf in, especially amongst gentlemen of a certain persuasion (ooh!)

    Of course the victory was down to the good man himself-- words cannot express how much respect I have for Tomasz (I'm sure many of you feel the same).

    In commendable modesty, Tomasz said that any of his colleagues would've deserved the award. True, but I think Tomasz is definitely special.

    For instance this bike-ride (plus previous charity events) show what a star he is-- certainly a lot more to him than looking drop-dead gorgeous in Attitude! Tomasz we salute you!

    I think I would faint if I met him though [haha]

    Thanks Kirsty! Why was Peter Cockcroft nominated, but not Dan Corbett? That's what I want to know.

    Kanye... like it. Fo shizzle, innit blud. See, I'm down widda kids. Word up

  8. hi Roger,
    always enjoyed this blog as one of your earlier readers but maybe Tomasz is starting to believe his own publicity...
    Pleased he won the award although Peter is great!

  9. Well I'm more than happy to massage Tomasz's ego (you know what I mean...!)

    To be fair he was modest in his acceptance speech, and graciously said that any of his collegaues deserve it as much as him (indeed Carol Kirkwood has won it twice before). So I don't think he's getting bigheaded... I'd be sure to take the mick if he did-- although Simon McCoy would probably beat me to it!

    Yeah Peter Cockcroft is good, although my favourite regional weather presenter has to be Jon Mitchell. Although I don't like him in the same way, as I do The Schaf [wink]