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7 Mar 2010

Tomasz is going to be 328 miles..

Cześć et bon soir mes chers! I'm sure you'll be aware that Tomasz often likes to slap on his lycra {i} and do long-distance bike-rides for charity.

Well Tomasz's next venture certainly is long-distance... 328 miles in fact! For The Schaf is to cycle from London to Paris {ii}: The route will take him via Portsmouth, then a ferry (even Tomasz can't cycle across water), then St Malo to Paris.

His chosen chairty is Action Medical Research, which develops new treatments to improve the quality of life for disabled children-- his efforts will also contribute to special appeal called Touching Tiny Lives-- this aims to improve care for prematurely-born babies. A worthy cause, I'm you'll all agree.

Tomasz has written more on his site.

I would hope all you Shaffanatics out there would be kind enough to donate, and you can do so at this site

I'm bet you would be more than eager to raise something for Tomasz [wink]

Quel un beau mec et un beau gonflement!

Au revoir, mes choux.

{i} It's a thought never far from my mind
{ii} He's thinking of doing Land's End to John O'Groats next-- a mere 800+miles. Let's pray for southerly winds!

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