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5 Mar 2010

Tasting seasoning

Sophie Raworth graciously diverted controversy away from Tomasz today. She gave mention to the Met Office's decision to discontinue seasonal forecasts, in favour of monthly ones: La Raworth referred to the "barbecue summer" and "mild winter" that were forecasted by the Met Office in the past nine months.

Tomasz cutely chuckled at this, refusing to be drawn on the issue. This from News At One today, complete with jazz hands Thanks to Terratec365 for the following

Meanwhile, I'm pleased to see Tomasz has a new publicity photo. I lost ten minutes staring at this...

He certainly does make me want to tap my barometer.


  1. 10 minutes!! Is that all? LOL

    The mercury burst from my thermometer ages ago!!;-) Better stop with *those* kind of references else Tomasz won't be amused!!

    Poor Alex Deakin with a bad throat. Rob McElwee has got a bad back so Laura had to stand in last night, whose getting married in August. These Janice Long shows are good - get all the weather centre's inside goings on! I wonder what Tomasz will wear if he goes (can you tell I'm a gay man LOL)

    All best

  2. I was starting to get eye-strain [haha]

    I think Tomasz is no stranger to *those* sorts of references, given the Frozen Ball incident and talking about oiling his "nooks and crannies" the other day
    [Frankie Howerd faux-outrage]

    I hope in warmer summer months, he goes out wearing one of his delighful vests!