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4 Mar 2010

Here with some sunshine... Tomasz! This was Sophie Raworth's fitting introduction for The Schaf on News At One today. He certainly was very phlegmatic today; with a lovely broad grin on his bestubbled face, permeating every broadcast he did today. It may be chilly out, but Tomasz's radiant smile is enough to warm the cockles {i}

Today's mystery, is what was distracting Tomasz at midday on the BBC News Channel? I suspect logorrhoea from the gallery was to blame. You can't put Shufflepants off his stroke!

I just hope Tomasz doesn't get the throat infection that Alex Deakin is currently struggling with, croaked his way through Janice Long's show this morning!

Thanks to Terratec, for the video

{i} Of our hearts. You are a filthy lot.


  1. Ah - here you are, owd lad. ;-)
    So this is da Blog of which you spoke.
    Innit? Uh'woh?

  2. Ey up youth!

    Ease up rudeboy, it is I and I-- you be righteous blud.

    I've been cobbling this blog together since Sep 2009.

    Seen bwoy?