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2 Mar 2010

Oiling up Tomasz

The Schaf was on Janice Long's show in wee hours of Monday morning. The delightful Janice bigged our hero up; they indulged in ever-intriguing persiflage, and we got to hear Tomasz's wonderful laugh-- goes right through me.

Janice asked what would Tomasz's perfect weekend be. He said that during the day he'd go for a bike ride {i}; followed by a few cheeky drinks, a restuarant and a bit clubbing {ii}.

Ms Long then curiously asked The Schaf if rubs himself down with WD-40 {iii}... what an image you've given us Schaffanatics, Janice!! Apparently it's to stop your trousers from falling down (likely story).

Our hero advised against this, because you might get it in your nooks and crannies, and you wouldn't be able to go the toilet! [Hoists notional bosom] He couldn't believe he had said that, but I could. Does he have any objections to other types of oil being rubbed into his nooks and crannies... hmm..

On a more high-brow note, Tomasz is into musical theatre {iii}: He is going to the theatre to see Andrew Lloyd-Webber's Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom Of The Opera (I feel the latter's pain). Tomasz informed us that he will be sitting near the front next to the director-- I hope Shufflepants gets red carpet treatment. He's a star daaaaarling, a star.

Final topic of discussion, was other uses for household appliances. Tomasz has an alternative use for a cooker knob. It's not what you think...

Fast foward to 0:43:12, in the next five days

All this talk of theatre and 'other matters', has reminded me of this clip. By popular demand, they're back....

{i} Tomasz in lycra... there's a thought.
{ii} I ashamed to say that reminded me of that Stewart Francis joke: "Being Canadian, I like clubbing. And if there are no seals about, I go dancing"
{iii} What do you mean: "I bet he is"?!


  1. He is getting sociable...!! What a laugh he has...I think it should be the 'Tom and Long Show', but with a catchier name, perhaps a title sounding less rude LOL. Imagine the revenue the BBC would get with people texting him!!

    Probably my ideal weekend too...if I change the bike ride to a literature festival or something bookish or green-fingered!

  2. "Tom and Long Show"-- like it! Or "The Long And Schaf Of It"... geddit?!

    Janice's chats with the duty weather presenter (typically ~12:43am weekdays) are usually fun-- but far more so when Tomasz is on!

    Janice clearly adores Tomasz, and rightly so.