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27 Feb 2010

Tomasz, four poofs and piano

I have failed in my duty as chief Schaffanatic. On Jonathan Ross last night, Tomasz featured that photograph of Tomasz Schafernaker-- how did I miss that? Thanks to fellow Schaffanatics for pointing it out though, I'm indebted.

First up he showed Ian McCaskill and Michael Fish sporting distressed hair, glasses like re-entry shields and rather naff clothing.

Then Wossy showed the picture of Tomasz from Attitude much to the delight of the audience, and moreso of said piano-based quartet-- who nodded appreciatively ("only a matter of time", said Wossy!). However he did have the cheek to nick my joke about high pressure in the south, I want commission for that-- I am an ersatz Barry Cryer after all. Shame JR couldn't have made a comment about what a lovely bloke Tomasz is too, but hey-ho.

Oh well, it makes a change from JR smarming with Rick Gervais and Lee Evans for the upmteenth time, or asking David Cameron whether he pollutes himself over Margaret Thatcher. When Wossy showed that pic of Tomasz, I wasn't thinking of abusing myself over the former Prime Minister, that's for sure! Let's say those Attitude photos of The Schaf have a pavlovian effect on me now...

^Thanks to Terratec for the video!

Speaking of which, will His Loveliness appear on Country Tracks tomorrow, we can but hope...

Tomasz said of his mention on Wossy: "Loving the fact Jonathan Ross found a moment to mention us weatherpeople hehehe :-) Thanks JR!cheeky man you are though." (via Facebook)

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