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24 Feb 2010

Tomasz's magic wand

Lunchtime news saw Tomasz's getting a telling off from Kate Silverton: Apparently she told our hero not to forecast any more snow, but he had to-- over the Highlands and Grampians in fact-- no doubt his Scottish fans will begrudge him further for that

The Schaf said he wish he had a "magic wand" to remove all this snow. Well from what I've seen, Tomasz certainly has a 'magic wand'-- not sure if he'd turn this frog into a prince though.

Earlier Tomasz had to apologise for blaspheming, shock horror! [Grips pulpit, adjusts frock-coat]


Thanks to Terratec for spotting that


  1. You may have spotted a hearfelt 'Tweet' from Tomasz last night (posted at 6.23pm yesterday) which indicates that some of his fans may be confusing their fantasies with his reality:

    "is fed up of all the sexual references to nearly every tweet I make...Big time fed up of it!!!!! I'm not joking."

    I do think that he needs to be left to get on with his life, admired certainly, but not intruded upon.

  2. Indeed... I hope I haven't done owt to upset him: I have given him my email address; so should he have any issues, he welcome to contact me. He did say he's flattered by this blog, I want it to remain that way too.

    As it happens, I have never tweeted him. The only Tweet of his I've commented on (here), is that one about the the 'poltergeist' activity the other day-- which turned out to be a computer mouse falling off a desk-- nothing ribald about that!

  3. Yesterday, what happened was Tom biked from work in the mud, and he said on Twitter in his good manner 'just had a muddy cycle back in the rain...LOL. But it ain't that cold 'ere!' Some of the people on twitter then wrote sexual tweets back, which lasted until he tweeted at 6.23pm saying he was fed up with it.

    2 people on twitter took it way too far [and have been for ages] and crossed the mark. And once they realised Tomasz didn't approve of the comments, they quickly became on the defensive and said in so many words 'you shouldn't flirt with fans then' which Tomasz wasn't doing in the first place anyway.

    One idiot changed his profile name immediatley after he wrote a nasty comment about our hero which I don't want to repeat.

    But what we have to remember is people who keep up this 'virtual sexual flirting' are people who think you're a good person because you have big pecs or biceps. I know that's not the case, and I think Roger agrees??

    That's the reason why Tomasz should continue to be flattered by this blog, because it's not over the top like some the words of some tweeters. I hope Tomasz understands we are not all like the inconsiderate people on Twitter and that some of us admire him for his personality, occupation, hobbies etc etc

  4. Thanks for filling me in on that Twitter incident. I think you've hit the nail on the head with your above comments.

    Unfortunately I fear that many queeny/bitchy blokes think they have the 'right' to post such things about Tomasz, because of those Attitude photos.

    Sadly a lot of people out there only look at Tomasz's physique, or have started to pay attention to him because of that.

    I certainly wouldn't deny Tomasz is a stunningly handsome guy with a amazing body-- I do admire it. OK I make comments pertaining to this; but it's all meant in a humourous Carry On double-entendre spirit, and you can them either way (so to speak!). I certainly don't seek to offend Tomasz, quite the reverse.

    However, and I'm sure you and other readers here would agree with this, there is a lot more to him. He has superb and adorable personality-- plus he is extraordinarily talented.

    I think we true Schaffanatics see this, and I hope Tomasz sees this reflected on this blog. I happen to think is beautiful *inside* as well as out.

    Many thanks


  5. Hi Roger,

    LOOK, I can comment. Don't know what's changed but I've got the ability to add comments back.

    Still loving this blog - keep coming back despite Tomasz' own web site.


  6. Hey Roger,

    Tomasz was mentioned on Jonathan Ross tonight. Here's the link... [25:00 - 26:03]

    Body over personality again but's Friday!! LOL

  7. @TzukeNut

    Lovely to hear from you, glad the hitch was sorted-- don't why you had problems?
    ["Man scratching head at cave-painting" emoticon]

    I'm very pleased you still visit the website... although I can't compete with Tomasz's own brilliance (I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!)

    Thanks very much for the link and especially the time as well-- I have used it in the latest post-- good work!

    For some reason, a least a few dozen people told me that he was mentioned on JR last night. Can't think why!

  8. PS:
    Whilst I'm aware that a few idiots have been hijacking Tomasz's Twitter, I think it would be overbearing and binary to tar all people who saucy comments admiring Tomasz as deluded or unpleasant, or to take offence on his behalf.

    I certainly don't confuse fantasy and reality Bill, be assured of that-- I know Tomasz is way out my league!

    However I believe in free-speech, and I'm not going to turn this thread into a humourless, do-gooder shrine to worthy/anodyne political correctness.

    Equally I don't want to offend Tomasz, and I don't post anything out of malice-- in fact the complete opposite. If Tomasz finds anything objectionable, then he know where to contact me, and I would remove the offending text.

    I'm pleased to say Tomasz is refreshingly able to laugh at himself and secure enough to do so. A nice change in these days where we are almost patronisingly obliged to take offence at everything, get humourously precious and disappear up our own arses [satricial wink].

    I think there would be far less strife in the world, if more people took Tomasz's example and didn't take ourselves so bloody seriously. He's a role model!