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23 Feb 2010

All white on the night

Nope, not Denis Norden with a surgically attached clipbaord-- but an amusing weather forecast on News Channel at 10:57.

Simon said the weather with Tomasz would be "all white" [cue collective groan], and Tomasz did a fine impression of the Churchill dog-- with a bit of Frankie Howerd thrown in. Speaking of the latter, Tomasz did get me excited when he talked of "warm air being pumped in"... titter ye not, missus. Although the Divine One was excited about the snow {ii} due to plague us tomorrow

Ta muchly to Terratec ^

Plus a clip of a certain jowly motor-insurance hound {i}-- to give The Schaf some practice...

{i} ["Adrian Chiles" voice]: Other insurance firms available
{ii} Or "snuur", if you're from East Yorkshire.


  1. Adorable!! I missed that forecast.

    I've been looking at all the posts and the videos, and the ones that stand out for me are:

    1. The whip.
    2. 'Pocket rocket'
    3. The Maxine water cue that flummoxed Tomasz more than helped!
    4. The one where Tomasz imitates Simon with a slow stoppy-start introduction.

    Great! LOL

  2. Adorable... isn't he just [sigh].

    I'm glad you've enjoyed the other clips, never a dull moment with The Schaf. The Indiana Jones one was a classic... up there with Muddy Shite and Frozen Ball.

    "Pocket Rocket" is an appropriate nickname for a couple of reasons [LOL]