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22 Feb 2010

Spirits and the spirited

The Schaf was back adorning our screens today, albeit with a bleak outlook for the weather-- more hibernal conditions on the way. However "Shufflepants" gave a wonderfully spirited performance, which lightened any grim prognoses {i}

Spirited is the word: Halfway through Tomasz's missive, there was a clattering noise in the background; perhaps Tomasz was being plagued by spirits, and suffering poltergeist activity? It wasn't Simon McCoy this afternoon, so we can't pin that on him... perhaps it was some (still) outraged Scot protesting at Tomasz's mention of cold weather there {ii}

I was half expecting Tomasz to make a comment, but he wasn't phased by the poltergeist activity and didn't have the willies put him this time. Although he is worried about cycling in these hibernal conditions may do to him, see his latest blog post. You know you want to.

Ta muchly t'Terratec f'video, tha knaws

{i} He curiously didn't mention frost in Vale of York or snow on the Llyn Peninsula, perhaps he has a new place of choice: Perhaps he'll talk of chilling around The Mendips instead or something.

{ii} Update on the noise, quoth Tomasz on Twitter: "Been asked a lot about the noise on the BBC1 lunch weather: I think keyboard+mouse fell off Kate's news desk...what a bang it was LOL."


  1. Hey Roger,

    I was so expecting Tomasz to start giggling when that bang took place. When it happened he looked at the map, and when he turned around again he had a certain grin on his face. But professional Tom - he just got on with it. I think I may have got the giggles though :-)

  2. Tomasz has since tweeted about today's incident, though, in fact it was through his tweet that I learned of it because I was out for most of the day and haven't [yet] watched your embedded video, which I'mm of course keeping as a treat until after 'Newsnight' finishes.

  3. @Bill
    ["Jimmy Saville" voice]
    Now then, now then. As it 'appens, I looked on Twitter late last night-- goodness gracious. I saw said Twitter, and have updated accordingly-- owzabout that then guys and gals?

    Oof, I was expecting him to giggle-- I was slightly disappointed he didn't-- gets me going when he does! Wonder if he does that, when you tickle him?

    But being a pro (daarling), he didn't falter and carried on-- we had a nice schmirk from him though.