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19 May 2010

Aroit moy flowurrr

After a much-missed absence, Simon McCoy's and Tomasz's bromance is back on! Clearly a lot of resolved tension here; with Simon linking to The Schaf from an article about a plant, in an intriguingly twee fashion. Never mind a studio, these two need to get a room...

Aaaah, how sweet...

Tomasz is still utterly adorable though, especially with that stubble. I've certainly had a flowerly day-- Tomasz makes me want to arrange my bouquet. Especially after the masterful way he bossed the gallery around.

My spies tell me (some of us have to work during the day), that The Schaf was worried Simon was going to come up with a sheep-related term of "endearment" after a story about our ovine friends. No doubt Tomasz would've felt 'sheepish' about that
[Hahaha... long pause..haha. longer pause.. ha]

Although I'm saddened to see some of the responses to the Youtube clip ^, saying Tomasz had "a sense of humour failure" and the banter was "misjudged".

What? Tomasz clearly amused by Simon's comment, laughing and smiling. His reaction was clearly one of mock-outrage, and his comments were clearly to wind Simon up-- especially considering their past spars! If people want sense-of-humour failure and misjudged banter, they should watch Eastenders [haha]


  1. Any Schaffenatik knows when Tomasz is in the weather studio and Simon is in the newsroom, there will usually be good humoured banter between the two, if the feature/story before the weather is amusing, out of the ordinary and not as serious as what is reported on the channel for the rest of the time. That is not just the case for Tz and Simon, but that is what happens usually between all weather and news presenters, because it shows linking between stories which makes good broadcasting, and also presents the BBC's staff as being unified, although being in different departments.

    'Mock outrage' is thus the best description of what this was (laughing, smiling, and repetitive blinking). If you listen between 00:23 - 00:26, you can hear Tz laughing. 'Sense of humour failure'? Perhaps a self-reflexive comment, but not applicable to Tz. He spent the remaining 60 seconds telling you the weather didn't he?

  2. Ey up Matthew,

    Very well said, couldn't put it better myself.

    I actually got quite upset when I saw Tomasz (and Simon in some cases) being denigrated online.

    It amuses me people on TVF, FMF and Youtube accuse Tomasz of being a drama queen, over-reacting and taking himself seriously. I think such people should look in the mirror first, before throwing such accusations around!

    If you look closely between 00:30-00:34, T is chuckling and smiling at Simon's commments! If those detractors take their blinkers off, they'll see that such badinage between Simon and T is common, as you say Matt.

    They'll also see from Related Videos that T doesn't take himself seriously at all, ditto with his Janice Long appearances.

    It such joviality that has won Tomasz that TRIC award; as well as is straightfoward style, his effort to simply explain weather trends and his great sense of humour.

    I can only imagine the bitchers out there are just jealous of Tomasz: A confident, gorgeous, popular, intelligent, talented, succesful guy who is comfortable enough to laugh at himself-- we can't be have that now can we? What a threat! [Rolls eyes]

    If we can't laugh at ourselves anymore, then we're truly stuffed.

    I hope Tomasz doesn't ever tone down his performance, to salve the insecurities of a few mardy blighters.

    In my dealings with the great man himself, I've found his to be kind, good-natured and down-to-earth.

  3. I didn't record this particular video of Tomasz.

  4. Oof, you certainly didn't-- my apologies Terratec.

    I shall edit my post forthwith, can't have being associated with besmirching of The Schaf.