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21 May 2010

Hot stuff on the horizon

The Schaf was on the News Channel last night, exuding hotness and warmth. He was certainly right about Yorkshire, as R Jon confirmed on Calendar tonight... Mr Mitchell was walking around Roundhay Park wearing shorts talking about hotspots in the region. Now why can't Tomasz come up to Wollaton Park and do that? In my dreams [sigh]

I like the way Tomasz talks about the PGA golf championship and "little wind to move those balls around, flying in the air". Well if the golfers go commando...

Przepraszam Tomasz, but I'll be one of the people who'll be complaining it's too warm... I know how you like hot/humid weather-- yes I'm a "dziwak"-- I know! I just prefer fresh northerlies...


It turns out that Tomasz is poet, is there no end to his talents? From Twitter...

Hi everyone
Have a great weekend wherever you may be
Across the nation and across the sea.
BBQs and fun
Summer sizzler here we come!

Pam Ayres, eat your eyes out! And I'll have nobody dissing Ms Ayres [haha]

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