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30 May 2010

Apple strudel

Cześć and ey up! As you may have noticed, The Schaf has been away from our airwaves for the past week; but he returns tomorrow and for the next few days, on the lunchtime slot on Radio 4 and the News Channel/BBC1.

So what has His Loveliness been up to over the past week? An illustrated guide will tell all, courtesy of Twitter. Firstly it seems Tomasz is keen on getting 'down widda kids', a proper burberry ape innit blud...

So he decided to do this by getting the Apple I-Pad. Being the cool dude that he is, Tomasz managed to pre-empt Twitter king Stephen Fry, by telling us about the queue for said item. Thankfully The Schaf was triumphant.

I'm sure you'll agree that Tomasz has impressive applications there [wink]. He's also been spending time tending to his amazing "tropical garden". Alright it may not be the Eden Project; but as with everything of Tomasz's, it's well-crafted...

And finally, a gratuitous shot of Tomasz's equally well-crafted legs.

Don't say I never treat you [haha]


  1. Biceps..... need I say more?


  2. You don't really, do you? [Sigh]

    Although I would say "shins" as well. And everything else about him [chuckle]