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31 May 2010

Whitsun witterings

Zesłanie Ducha Świętego greetings (hope I've got that right?)!

Tomasz was sporting a nice blue-striped tie today, I like his style. A coconut for anybody who can tell me, to whom Tomasz was referring to at the beginning of this clip-- who is the laughing lady?

The highlight of that forecast was Tomasz doing an intriguing arm/hand motion, telling us "showers will be splashing across the UK". Well if there's one person could cause that to happen...

Hope you all had a nice Whitsun. The weather was certainly warm for my walks around Roche Abbey and Stanage Edge today, comfortable 17C.

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  1. Howdy. He was referring to Carol Kirkwood who'd just been on The Weather Show. The show ended with her giggling after some out-takes.