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1 Jun 2010

Driven up the wall

Simon McCoy struck once again with another waspish witticism. There was a report on the birthday of the driving-test; Simon bantered with his colleague, saying: "At least you didn't take five goes to pass your driving-test", then looked at Tomasz!

Poor Tomasz confessed, and mentioned that three of his tests were in London-- perhaps the others were in Gdansk or elsewhere. He did get some driving-style hand-motions in though...

He's a safe driver now he says... well as long as the road turns where he does, that's the main thing. Simon's tart comments seemed to have distracted Tomasz, perhaps he was having flashbacks at 02:15 here?

Not to worry, since by News At One Tomasz was full of "positive spirit". He again used what I consider to be a nascent catchphrase: "The weatherman never promises you anything". But he can promise us charisma, as well engaging and entertaining forecasts.

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