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2 Jun 2010

No hum-Hill-iation

A saucer of milk for Simon McCoy {i} again today, with an 'oblique' suggestion that Tomasz is "a venomous mammal" {ii}. Tomasz is no beast! {vi} Just what has The Schaf done to engender such abuse, outrage I say. Definitely worthy of a

To be fair to Tomasz, he gave sublimely ironic withering stare to Simone-- such is the flawless comic-timing of His Loveliness. Well he is a smooth operator {iv}

No doubt some "dupeki" will miscontrue that as humourless behaviour, or other such projecting bitchy nonsense {iii}. However later on, Jane Hill commented that she had Matthew Amroliwala with her-- so Tomasz was "safe". Credit to Tomasz, he pointed out that were no hard feelings between him and Simon.

It's clearly all persiflage: As regular readers {v} will know, such badinage between the two has become commonplace, all grist for the humour mill. They clearly have a bromance going on, they can't admit their feelings for other [a psychologist writes...], hence the tension. It makes sense when you think about it eh? [Wink]

{i} Henceforth known as "Simone"
{ii} After a report about the Solenodon: One of the world's most ancient mammals, and the only one to have a venomous bite. Thanks to Terratec for video upload and info.
{iii} And to use that great East Midlands expression, I would say to those people: "Yetwa"
{iv} To quote Sade. She's gone quiet hasn't she?
{v} If you are one, thanks. I'm impressed if I haven't rotted your brains yet!
{vi} Well maybe he is in some senses, ooh!

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