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3 Jun 2010

Gin clear

A fertile week for us Schaffanatics in the entertainment stakes, although I'm concerned that these consecutive shifts are having a detrimental effect on our Tomasz. Whilst are skies are "gin-clear", his diction was not always so-- sounded like he had been drinking gin perhaps? {i}

Oof, slight case of talking broken biscuits there: I think it was because he mentioned the dread S-word-- that flustered him! Not to worry, because Tomasz is always cute when he gets flustered. Given the number of live broadcasts the BBC weather folk have to do, coupled with their long/erratic shifts, mistakes will understandably creep in-- I suspect the gallery may have been giving him GBH of the lugholes there too {ii}

Earlier we did have a nicely cheeky quip from Tomasz. He was rightly concerned about getting the tone right, considering events in Cumbria; but I think he's provided some light relief from that horrors, without being tactless. On the 10:57 bulletin The newsreader handed over with: "Let's see what the weather is doing with Tomasz". To which he replied: "The weather isn't doing anything with me!". Bless.

Of course warm weather has other hazards attached to it. Back by ever popular demand...

Now if Tomasz got the term Betty Swallocks into a forecast, I would be impressed. Hmmm, The Schaf with Betty Swollocks-- ooh! {iii}

In other news, Tomasz has "had [his] head 'shaved'...almost not quite...within BBC grade of allowance lol" (quoth Twitter). BBC grade allowance eh-- too late for Peter Gibbs of course [miaow]. Given that Tomasz's hair was fairly closely-crop beforehand, I suspect Tomasz has gone for Geordie dreadlocks.

Finally, a picture of Tomasz's mean machine. Lucky saddle.

{i} I'm joking by the way, libel lawyers
{ii} Thanks to Toptellyfan for that upload... just noticed Terratec has uploaded it too-- thanks both!
{iii} Time for a lie-down again

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