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4 Jun 2010

Tomasz gets the mercury rising

Certainly hot... I'm not just refering to Tomasz and his ability to get my mercury rising, but the temperatures in the UK-- could even peak at 30C tomorrow! A slightly more merciful 26C predicted round my way tomorrow.

Even as I type, it's clammy... apologies to Tomasz, but I really don't like hot/humid weather. Give me a nice fresh northerly anyday! I want to sleep at night, even the thought of Tomasz's rising mercury can't get me off {i}.

Time to get the chilled-water bottle out, and rinse my wrists under the cold-water taps! Thunderstorms on the way, always fun to watch. Unless they strike your house of course.


Jazzy tie there, don't we think? And three-hour broadcasts too, technology indeed. ["Man scratching head at cave painting" emoticon]

Meanwhile, I note our old friend Rod Liddle has had another dig at our hero, in The Times. Speculating on the BBC's supposed ditching of the Met Office

It has belatedly concluded that the camp, sinister weathermen it leases from the Met Office to tell you it’s going to be a “barbecue summer” and a “mild winter” are of less use to mankind than a pine cone on the patio.

The problem is, with what should they replace the likes of Tomasz Schafernaker? I suggest they employ a blindfolded badger and every evening, poke it with an electric cattle prod and watch it run to one of a choice of setts, which would be labelled “snow”, “sunshine”, “rain” and “dead polar bears”. This would be more fun for the viewer, and no less accurate than the present system.

Just what is Mr Liddle's obsession with The Schaf? Perhaps he's (understandably) jealous of The Schaf secretly admires him! Rather obnxious way of doing it, suggesting badger-baiting is more entertaining than watching Tomasz... wrong on so many levels!

{i}... to sleep, you filthy lot
{ii} Thanks to Terratec for his usual kind and hard work

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