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7 Jun 2010

The Schafernator

Tomasz's new Twitter profile pic is possibly his coolest yet {i}. Recalls the great days of that other Austrian-surnamed star, Arnold Schwarzenegger {ii}, don't you think?

In fact Tomasz is so cool, he can even do forecasts without a mike; still sounding cool, and looking prettier than the weather over Wales. Well weathermen are the new firemen, quoth Liam Dutton.

Thanks to Terratec for the upload (from 13:56, News Channel)

In other news Tomasz had a barbeque in his lovely garden this weekend, where he was roasting sausages. I only mention this, because a kind Twitterer posted a lovely photograph of Tomasz's cudownych nogi. Of course it would be gratutitous of me to post that picture here-- so I won't.

{i} If nothing else we get a nice close-up of Tomasz's angelic face [collective sigh]
{ii} "I'll be back" Or possibly Mozart. Or Bruckner.


  1. oh my, look at those legs!

  2. I do-- regularly! I like his Fbk photos, of him in lycra shorts. His legs are very impressive, as is what's in between.