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9 Jun 2010

Crocking weather, Gromit

An amusing quip from Tomasz yesterday, at the end of News Of One. Sophie Raworth ended on a story about a crocodile (as they do), so Tomasz amusingly ventured the weather was "crocking" {iii}. However the new government's spending-plans dominated the news yesterday, The Schaf was worried that Simone was going announce that weatherman were to be axed! Thankfully that's not the case-- hearing Tomasz talking about "beefy showers" at the Queen's Club, makes my day.

Now on to today, Tomasz was wearing another glam pink tie. Talking about "cracking on" {i}, after a mention about thunderstorms [chortle]. Tomasz treated us to a nice diagram, and he expertly told us about pressure systems/airflow.

Radio 4's Heresy programme discussed weathermen today, fast-foward to 17:10 in the next six days! Lies indeed, our Tomasz never tells lies! {ii}. Tomasz reading the Shipping Forecast is divine, when he's talking about rising and swelling.

Janet Street-Porter has two sexual-fantasy weathermen... Daniel Corbett talking about "spits and spots", his "paragraphs" and "clipped tones". And Paul 'Mayor of Wetwang' Hudson off Look North Hull/Leeds, pure "cabaret". I'm sure Jon Mitchell will be pleased to hear that.

I wonder how Tomasz feels about not being lusted after, by JSP?! Besides the best regional BBC weather presenter has to be BBC Points West's charismatic, talented, genial and sickenly handsome Chris James.

{i} Cracking on, missus, cracking on.
{ii} Fleetwood Mac... they've gone quiet
{iii} [Cue best "Peter Sallis" voice]: Cracking cheese Gromit-- Wensleydale lad?


  1. I heard about Heresy on Twitter. Am utterly lost for words.

  2. I was going to email you about JSP's comments on Daniel Corbett! It's beyond comment really [haha], other than it gave me a disturbing image... perhaps just as well it was a radio programme!