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14 Jun 2010

One has two broadcasts

Tomasz was with us over the weekend. On Saturday The Schaf was predicting the weather for Her Majesty's official birthday {i} and the football "festival" (bless him) in South Africa. Indeed he gave us the stats for the "big one" [...], England's match against the USA: I'm not into football, but I hear our goalkeeper has become the new BP chief: He's bad with spillages, and has sympathy towards the USA.

Tomasz did the weather for the week ahead, but the forecast was tacked onto the end of the Politics Show; so he was suited and booted, thus we only got to see the outline of his weather balls on his graphics. He certainly doesn't have a "little bump of low pressure"

Good work by Terratec as usual, ta muchly mi duck

Meanwhile His Loveliness has written a blog about a forthcoming bike-ride in East Sussex! Worth looking at, for the photo alone! {ii}. Certainly knocks my epic drive up the whole of the Pennines, into a cocked hat.

In case you're wondering, Ditchling Beacon is here. That's the 1:50,000cm scale, off the Ordnance Survey Landranger sheet for the area.

{i} It amuses me QEII has two birthdays: Surely being the richest lady in the world, she doesn't need two sets of presents?
{ii} He invites to come again. I'll leave you to make your own comments.


  1. Your blog is fantastic, but how on earth did you miss this!! Skip to 5:06 :)

  2. How indeed!

    Excellent there PR, many thanks. Two seconds of pure bliss there [sigh]