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5 May 2010

At sevens and eights

Tomasz was back on the News Channel overnight. In my capacity as chief Shaffanatic, I stayed up to watch him [rubs weary eyes], such is my unflinching devotion; but not to worry on the sleep front, because he helped me get off last night {i}

Observing Tomasz closely (as I do), I notice he's changed his hairstyle a bit-- nice neat fringe it has to be said.

Tomasz gave us an interesting lesson on why we're getting this cold air, demonstrated via a schematic; with a pair of pressure areas acting like cogs, drawing in air "fra Norge og Sverige". I thought they looked like mangles, but my brain is often Hewson-esque like that {ii}. Even Tomasz shrugging at the very end is cute, poetry in motion.

Thanks to Terratec for today's and yesterday's vids-- good work as ever!


{i} And not because he was boring either-- ooh!
{ii} As in Sherrie.


  1. So, Tomasz was on Monday and Tuesday (Philip Avery is on tonight - Wednesday).
    Perhaps he was being eased back into it gently? :)

  2. I wonder whether Tomasz actually works night shift this week in the UK.

    Here in Eastern Canada we are able to see him presenting the weather on BBC World News starting at about 12:25 am or so (EDT) or about 5:25 am London time.

  3. @Anon

    Tomasz worked the night shift yesterday and the day before-- I watched him at 11pm on both those nights. The night-shift starts I believe (for the on-air part) at 22:30 BST and finishes at around six. His actual shift lasts 10 hours.

    Laura Tobin did Janice Long (so to speak) last night, so I gather! I reckon he went to that Attitude party?

  4. The forecasts are repeated so much during the night, I'd be surprised if the 'on-air' shift is that long, although he must be working still 'off-air'.
    On Tomasz's Tuesday and Wednesday 01:26 forecast, this was repeated at 05:54. The were other repeats through the night aswell.
    From building my archive of weather recordings over the past year, presenters are usually rotated approximately every 3 hours from Monday to Sunday. Some exceptions being 08:57-10:30 Monday to Friday; 10:30-15:57 Saturday and Sundays; as you stated 22:27-05:57 Monday to Sunday.
    There as slight variations. For instance, Carol Kirkwood recently did not only the breakfast forecasts but the 08:57-10:27 slot too.

  5. Thanks for the info! I'm impressed by your knowledge. All I know is that Tomasz states his shifts are ten hours long, as mentioned on his website.