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6 May 2010

What a load of ballots

Sadly last night was a Schafless night on the BBC front. Intriguingly there was a party to celebrate Attitude's 16th birthday, so I suspect His Loveliness was giving it large and indulging in canapes/fine beverages there. Next month's mag will tell, I imagine.

Of course there's only one big issue tonight: Not whether it's a bruising for Brown, calamity for Clegg or a comedown for Cameron {i}... but whether the divine Tomasz will be back on our screens, or talking to the poptastic Janice Long?

In other news, Tomasz has tweaked his website once more. If you look at the top-right corner of this page, it tells you when he's next on {ii} Doesn't appear he will be on this evening, but I'm ever vigilant!

{i} For political balance: Losing for Lucas, sour for Salmond, pleasure for Pearson, grounding for Griffin, jolting for Jones, hopelessness for Hope, routing for Robinson, adversity to Adams; or no empathy for Empey nor yearning for Yaqoob.
{ii} He's also added to the weather gallery.

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