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16 Jun 2010

He's itching to tell you the forecast

Simone was in matron mode today, chastising The Schaf for folding his arms on ceremony, like a disaffected youth. He then cued Tomasz to start his broadcast! No way to speak to the Weather God.

His forecast was further sabotaged by the erroneous caption of Hull as "Cardiff". Tomasz was quite right in pointing out The Deep-- a very fine and large aquarium-- I'd recommend the transparent lift through the shark pool! An amazing smattering of small fish and an array of rays.

Tomasz was then hampered by a bad itch, and he was commendably candid enough to tell us about it. I reckon he had a 'bat in the cave' really {i}

I'm sorry to hear that His Loveliness's home country has been plagued by foul weather, hope none of my blog's followers have been affected by that.

Thanks to Terratec

{i} Pick it, lick it, roll it and flick it Tomasz. When you're off-air obviously.

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