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17 Jun 2010

Naggingly cool

The Schaf may disapprove-- but I love the northerly breeze we're experiencing-- it can nag away! Even better if it means Tomasz wears his light blue ties. I'm glad he doesn't think the UK is a floater, although some puce-faced Daily Mail readers may disagree.

Wouldn't it be fun if Tomasz wore a big flowery hat for a forecast? Although that would cover his rufflable {i} dark-blond hair.

He mentioned the London-to-Brighton bike-ride {ii}, which his His Loveliness is taking part in. I, and I'm sure everyone else here, wish him the best of luck with that-- powodzenia. I did think about going down to Brighton, to offer moral support-- but I'd be so nervous about meeting the Great Man [haha]

{i} Is that a word? Is now! Oof, neologism
{ii} Cycling up Ditchling Beacon looks very gruelling, almost as bad as the infamous Holme Moss cycle ride (on Derbs/W Yorks border)

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