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21 Jun 2010

Beating the beastly Ditchling Beacon

Moje najszczersze gratulacje to Tomasz for completing the London-Brighton bike-ride in three hours and 13 minutes.To give you a rough idea, that's about 51 miles-- roughly 16pmh average-- very good going! Especially as he did it half-an-hour quicker than last year, well worthy of a gold medal I say.

I reckon Tomasz must have left the rest of his team trailing! I know if were with Tomasz, I wouldn't be able to last the distance. I opted to tour Gwynedd and Conwy yesterday instead (ending up in West Yorkshire and the Wetherby Whaler, don't ask!)

The chairty (sorry "charidee") in question was the British Heart Foundation... I may need their assistance, after seeing the following picture-- click on it for the full effect. No wonder he got there so fast, check out those pistons!

I bet he has no trouble with being saddle-sore, he looks well padded. As good training for London-to-Paris of course...

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