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23 Jun 2010

Wiggly weather-fronts

Obviously the long bike-ride has done Tomasz the world of good, he's been looking particularly fetching this week.

Yesterday he was sporting a fine layer of stubble: No doubt some of our friends on 'certain' websites will be castigating The Schaf; telling him he needs to get a pair of strimmers, or he looks rough. Nonsense I say, the stubble is the trademark of Tomasz's look and makes him look becoming, sod what overbearing forum miseries say. Liking the pink tie here...

On to today, "Presenter Name" was wearing a neat violet tie with flowers on... hopefully not ones that excrete pollen. If anybody can glue us to the telly, it's His Loveliness! I like to play with Tomasz's... err... I mean I'd like to play ball with Tomasz. I'm sure his tackle is better than any England player's, and he makes me want to dribble. Yes {i}

"Hot and sticky" making Tomasz laugh there... sometimes he makes it too easy for me! He had a cute giggle on News At One too-- the endorphins must be still whizzing around long after his pedals have stopped.

Thanks to Terratec for the cute clips as ever. I need a lie down after thinking about a hot and sticky Tomasz.

If you think that's bad, whatever you don, don't fast-foward to 00:36:00 on here, in the next few days

["Coat already fetched, fingers reaching for the door handle" emoticon]

{i} I did think about becoming a footballer once, but I couldn't spit far enough.

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