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24 Jun 2010

The Heat Is On

Today's blog title was Tomasz message for the day, also Glenn Frey's back in 1985 {i}. So much so, Tomasz got his turds in a wangle... I mean... words in a tangle.

Firstly he was talking about "peat heating" instead of "heat peaking": Although if he went to Cors Caron, Rannoch Moor or Bleaklow, he'd be right either way! Our hapless hero then couldn't get "worringly" out. Bless you Tomasz, just practise saying: "Worst week of the week award, awarded once a week weekly on a week by week basis".

Then the gallery snubbed him at 13:56, gave His Loveliness a good giggle though.


Memories of a classic Tomasz moment came flooding back with the mention of Glastonbury, especially the mention of mudbaths. Will he invite for us one, like he did last year?

{i} He's another one who has gone quiet, hasn't he.
{ii} Ta to Terratec and DVD Fever for the clips.

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