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28 Jun 2010

Aestival ear-ache

A big congratulations to Tomasz, who completed the sixty-mile Capital To Coast ride in three hours and 56 minutes yesterday... an average of 15.25mph-- very good going. Although Tomasz did rightly complain it was too hot at 30C to be cycling. Twenty-eight degrees Celsius was bad enough around my way yesterday!

And that folks, is the subject of my polemic today! I know many/most of you reading this love the warm weather, and I know we don't get it very often. However not all us do like it-- and it really hacks me off when some weather forecasters assume we all like it. A certain regional forecaster on a lunchtime bulletin, who will remain nameless {i}, insisted the weather was "glorious" mocked a gentleman who had complained that it was "too hot".

I'm sorry, but I don't like the glaring and scorching sunshine, stifling hudimity (especially at night), stuffy air and feeling like I have wet radiator attached to my body all the time-- making feel groggy and lethargic. I'm sure those who suffer from migraines, hayfever and asthma aren't so keen on this so-called "glorious" weather either? Roll on autumn I say [wink] {ii}

Credit to Tomasz... being the star that he is, he acknowledges not everyone likes it. Then again the weather could never be as hot as our Tomasz of course...

Looking cute as ever in that second photo, another five minutes lost to staring in awe.

{i} Alright, he sometimes appears on the One Show and he used to be in Eastenders
{ii} You'll be be moaning when there are water shortages and hose-pipe bans [haha]


  1. The weather is always sunny when Thomasz is around!

  2. You're not wrong there Steve! Tomasz's phlegmatic personality is unfailing sunny, and of course he's hot.

    I'm only happy about being told it's >20C when Tomasz is saying it.

  3. now the second pic really looks like Tom.

    and yes he has lost weight.

  4. Yeah the first pic had been doctored for the hot weather, it's the profile pic from his Facebook page. It gets adjusted occasionally

    I love that second one of Tomasz, stunning as ever. I shall have to take your word on how much it looks like the great man-- I've yet to meet him alas.

    Whatever diet he's on, it's perfect, his physique is equally perfect. He's doesn't want end up as scrawny as I am [LOL]