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2 Jul 2010

It's oh so quiet....

Cześć! Jak się masz? Just in case you don't speak Tomasz's native sublime Slavonic tongue, that means: "Ey up mi duck, how you diddling?". Seriously, I hope you are all fine and dobrze.

Dziękuję to all the Polish people who regulary drop by-- I'm sure Tomasz will be pleased to see he has a loyal following in his native country. I wish my Polish were better, then I could do a bilingual version of this blog, sadly my Polish is very basic. It would be enough to make you choke on your pierogi.

It's a shame I don't have more time to learn Polish. No offence intended to the Polish, but I've so far learning the language requires a lot of attention; all the inflections, sibilant proununciation and tricky consonant clusters! Then again the last language I delved into was Norwegian, so most foreign languages are easy compared with Bokmaal.

However I will persist with Polish: I've done Latin, so I can handle an inflectional language, and at least Polish is fully phonetic, unlike many other languages-- English included! That said English is a mongrel lagnuage... I blame the Saxons, the Vikings, Normans, Celts, William Shakespeare, Webster's Dictionary and Samuel Johnson. Given the widespread pronuciations of words in the Anglosphere, probably just as well we don't have phonetic spelling...

Anway, back to The Schaf-- I'm afraid he has been quiet on the broadcast front-- no doubt resting before *that* cycle ride. So an archive clip from March 2008, being adorable as ever...

Amazing how much he's changed: Lost weight perhaps? I certainly prefer his hair now, both the style and colour; never sure why he highlighted it, his natural colouring is divine. No stubble in those days either. He's just got even piękniejszy with time.

Otherwise it's "oh so quiet" on the Tomasz front. Hmmm His Loveliness and Björk {i}, there's a mix...

Tomasz was living the song there, giving it large. He just needed to punch the air and get the lighter out.

{i} She's gone quiet too.

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