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5 Jul 2010

Severe Simone

Another delicate moment between Mr Coy and The Schaf today, after the former pronounced the latter's name in staccato fashion, as he occasionally does-- so this time His Loveliness decided to facetiously pick up on it!

It certainly amused the gallery, since Tomasz adorably tapped his earpiece and said "now, now" in a fashion redolent to Sir Jimmy Saville {i}. I would point out of to the more benighted inhabitants of 'certain forums', who have their sight/hearing impaired by chips on their shoulders, Tomasz did this is as a joke [satirical wink]

The lady who was presenting News Channel over lunch {ii} seem to be so in awe of introducing Tomasz (who wouldn't be), she was hesitant in introducing him a few times. Tomasz's rakish reaction was to adjust his groovy pink tie, being the cool cat he is-- also cope admirably well with a graphics blunder.

{i} He's gone quiet as well
{ii} Anybody knows her name, I'll be grateful if you can furnish me with it for future reference.


  1. {ii} Are you referring to the lady in the bright blouse? Tis the mighty Zeinab Badawi.

  2. Ah thanks for that Kirsty, and to Matt as well. Just not seen her before, for some reason!

  3. She shares the presenting of the BBC News Channel's 'Reporters' programme with Tim Wilcox, which is usually shown in the small hours of Saturday and Sunday.

    Yo...can't believe a dancefloor junkie like you blud hasn't cawt 'er on da TV after a night of dat sick clubbin' and doze headbangin wicked beatz! :-x