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6 Jul 2010

A witty or imaginative post title evades me

I was a little naughty at work today, and kept sneaking into the staffroom to catch a glimpse of Tomasz on the News Channel around lunchtime. Understandably he didn't feature much (given the shootings in Tyne & Wear, and the subsequent manhunt in Northumberland) and I didn't see him.

So many thanks to Terratec for capturing this for me. I note that Tomasz didn't pick up on Simon's careful pronunciation of the good man's name, but our little petal {i} had a graphics glitch to contend with-- handled deftly as ever.

I'm informed he talked of a "weather sandwich" in another forecast. Hmmm a sandwich with Tomasz, there's a thought-- I bet he knows how to do a meaty filling.

{i} Beats anything at Hampton Court.

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