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7 Jul 2010

Churning away

Today's worrying prediction (for the likes of me anyway!) that temperatures could soar to over 30C this weekend, was only tempered by Tomasz's terrific tie; which offset his stubble and hair nicely. And also his "wiggly weather front" of course!

He gives a heart-melting grin shortly after the graphics malfunction at ~00:46-- unfortunately when His Loveliness is talking about his favourite nation of the UK!

Am I wrong for getting excited by the way he says "churning away"? He said that a couple of times today, got me in a flush. Must be my age, 26 is a funny time of life. And we end with another lovely grin in front of Chesil Beach (I think it was?)

I note Tomasz has slowed down on the Tweet front, I hope his fancy phone isn't playing up. He ought to be careful about going to mobile-phone shops, some sinister salespeople about...


  1. Even more important for the future of Tomasz on the Beeb is that the Met Office today had its contract to provide weather forecasting services to the BBC renewed for a further five years after an almost nine months tendering process

  2. You speak in sooth Bill!

    I ought to have made a mention about this on the blog, I'll shall do so for next time. Glad the Beeb has finally got its act together on that front.

  3. Hey! According to Tomasz's website, he's down for Country Tracks on 18th July.