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11 Jul 2010


Many thanks for the comments that you have been sending me, most appreciated. I also appreciate that you come back to this blog regularly, I am humbled.

I ought to have mentioned in my last post, that the Met Office has secured a new contract with the BBC, after some doubt. An article for you to feast your eyes on, and it even gives you a picture of weather presenter-- just in case you don't know what one looks like...

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I do hope that there's not a condition that some weather-presenters will get a 'career reassessment opportunity', as part of this renewal. I have been concerned that Tomasz's diversification of late (website, agent and modelling) had been pre-empting this, but the BBC would be made to get rid of His Loveliness!

Some of you have remarked that Tomasz is scheduled for Country Tracks next Sunday. I had awesome visions of Tomasz in summery attire, tight rugby shirt and taut jeans showing off all his impressive attributes. It would appear from the telly guides that Country Tracks isn't on, Politics Show in that time-slot instead-- so a standard/smart five-day forecast. I'm frustrated that I won't be 'frustrated' next week!

However The Schaf is on the 13th and 14th, doing his News At One shift. This weekend Tomasz was consigned to Radio Five Live, BBC World (and online) plus regional duties. Sadly not for Waltham recipients, the unaestivally-named Sara Blizzard was doing the honours for BBC East Midlands. Was Tomasz doing your region this weekend? I hear rumours of Spotlight SW... even better, has anybody recorded him swinging low around Truro?

In the absence of televisuals, a nice photo to lose five minutes over instead...


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  1. Desde luego este chico está para salir como quiera, con ese torso y esos pectorales, es una pena tenerlo en la TV, preferiría tenerlo en la cama.