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13 Jul 2010

The weather ball says it all

A wonderfully dramatic forecast from Tomasz at lunchtime-- forget a Patrick Stewart Shakespearean soliloquy! I love it when Tomasz does a schematic {i} for us, and takes the trouble to explain salient weather systems to us. Not just that; but he does it an engaging and accessbile way, without dumbing-down.

The weather front in question is a large low, which is occupying the British Isles over the next few days, bringing much-needed rain-- but also unseasonably strong gales. This is owing to the North Atlantic jet stream, driving these systems over us. Oh, OK... I'll let His Loveliness explain... this from 13:57-- thanks Terratec

The beginning shows that Tomasz is out of this world-- but we already knew that! Of course love him for his jovial banter and looking goregous on a certain Sunday forecast: However he's equally awesome when being more serious and informative. Is there anything he's not good at? [Admiring sigh]. Is it me, or was Tomasz looking tanfastic today?

Oh, yes a droll pun with the word "hut"; recalls the great days of Richard Whiteley don't you think? I still shed a tear when I hear the words "tangelo" and "leotard", or drive through Wetwang. Indeed Tomasz is very "hut" himself and can "spill" and "pulse" his precipitation on to me anyday, and he definitely has more than half an inch to offer.

{i} There's a word The Schaf has taught me!

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