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14 Jul 2010

Pancake palaver

The Schaf adorably verged into Dan Corbett territory, when he talked about the incoming inclement weather on his weather map: A narrative of "blue blobs", looking like "pancakes"-- even referring to the area of low pressure as a "fella".

However Shufflepants hasn't gone the whole hog, preferring dramatic arm sweeps, as opposed to the quaint semaphore of Dan {ii}. Tomasz does some good bicep action to illustrate wind however; if you're in a tent, you could get blown badly.

Tomasz was particulary concerned about the golf at St Andrews, which is in that nation of course. I won't remind said nation they invented golf, in case I offend them [wink]. I don't know if Tomasz is partial to said sport himself, but I'd love to play a round with him {i}.

Thanks to Terratec, for the upload

{i} Possibly in the bunker. I've only played golf once... well crazy golf... at Sewerby Hall in E Yorks. I got a hole-in-one at the windmill, filled me with pride.
{ii} I have an irrational desire to see Dan to do "this little piggy went to market..". Then again, I'm sad like that, as you've probably realised by now


  1. You've reassured me that Dan's job is safe if his colleagues are in a sudden rush to copy his style.
    Anyway, it's not the first time The Schaffinator has imitated Dan - I'm sure you've seen the clip I'm alluding to. Beats Alistair McGowan's impression hands down.

    Not quite sure what to make of your desire to see Dan do nursery rhymes though...

  2. He was equally entertaining with his wide language use today [well...for a wordie like me!]. We had weather similes ['weather is like a washing machine'], and words like 'maelstrom' and 'vortex'. Next, his forecasts will be so impressive we'll need 3D specs!

    I wonder whether there was a bit of Dan mocking here? [0:13 - 17]

    Best wishes RM and all

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    I'd forgotten to mention Tomasz's exotic vocabulary today, I can be a shedhead some times [haha].

    Ah yes, the legendary Dan impersonation, I think it's available on one of my previous posts! Certainly beats Alistair McGowan, although Tomasz gets to observe the Dan The Man closely.

    Tomasz is clearly jealous of Dan's picnic baskets, dog leads, little fellas, finishing numbers, treacle, sun hats and sun lotion. Who wouldn't be?

    It's the hand-motions that go with This Little Piggy, that Dan would be well-suited for. Hang on, what's that Sooty... time for me to get my coat again? Bye-bye everybody, bye-bye...