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15 Jul 2010

Star for the night? A star all the time!

I'm indebted to my loyal reader Matt, for pointing out this gem. Apparently at around 4:30pm today, the News Channel reported that a hard-of-hearing young lady had been granted the opportunity to present the BBC weather, a wish granted by John Barrowman's {i} latest vehicle Star For A Night.

Guess who her mentor will be? None of than our very own "award-wanning weather-presenter" Tomasz Schafernaker. As if any proof were needed that The Schaf is a top bloke, this would be it-- no doubt Tomasz's high quality star-dust will rub off onto this lucky lady.

I've seen trailers for Star For A Night, I believe it starts this Saturday (July 17th)? Not sure which episode will feature the Divine One and his apprentice, I suspect perhaps this Saturday's, if the NC was promoting it today?

My sources inform me that John Barrowman even popped into the Weather Centre-- I think Tomasz and John Barrowman would make a superb double act-- given they are both characters! Certainly if JB's banter with Paul O'Grady (plus June Whitfield) is anything to go by..


Since I'm in the Stone Age, I don't own one these DVD recorder and editing software gubbins. So I will eternally grateful if anybody captures His Loveliness's appearance with John Barrowman ["Jazz hands" emoticon]


I forget to mention Tomasz wonderful phraseology on yesterday's News At One, I even watched that forecast live! Well, when you get to my age, memory starts to fade. Anyway, I loved Tomasz's rich vernacular of maelstroms and vortexes (or "vortices"?).

Plus the cute reference to his staturesque colleagues Chris Fawkes and Phil Avery, Tomasz reporting that sea-waves will be twice as high as them! Mr Fawkes is 6'4" I believe? I hope he has nothing against tall people, since I'm 6'2" myself! Tomasz is 5'8", but big in the areas where it counts of course

{i} Since John Barrowman hasn't been on telly for at least a five minutes! Naa, like you really JB.

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