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27 Jul 2010

Damp weather balls

I had a quick tea-break at midday to see His Loveliness in action; he grabbed my attention straight away, by talking about his damp and wet ball. It could even get you "running for cover", if it empties on you-- fancy.

Tomasz also mentioned Goodwood horse-racing. I reckon there should be a horse called The Schaf: A sleek, musucular and well-groomed stud, who rides well and has a vital measurement of over two hands.

I'm pleased to say Tomasz's red nose wasn't prominent, hope that isn't itching too badly for him; perhaps explains his problems with saying "brightness", his rubicund neb making him too self-aware.

We had an adorable chortle from him on the News At One. I hope Tomasz realises I schedule my lunchbreak around his appearance on said bulletin, so I don't miss him. There's loyalty for you... or I am just sad [haha]

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