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24 Jul 2010



I'm very glad to report The Schaf made it to Paris-- what a star-- such an amazing achievement. To quote Dan Corbett, the finishing numbers {i}:
76miles+85miles+116miles+55miles=332miles... over four days! I'm exhausted just reading that.


I'm exceedingly happy for Tomasz, and it's only fitting he has raised so much for charity. He's very kindly supplied us with some pictures, all of which are adorable. I got so excited when I saw these, I had to chastise myself.

Firstly, I'm not sure whether Tomasz is paying tribute to Van Gogh (looks prettier than any of these plants) or Paula Ratcliffe here (well it would fertilise them)...

Unfortunately Tomasz got a bit of nasal sunburn on his travels, but he always looks hot. Strangely on Fbk, there was no shortage of volunteers to rub suncream in. Can't think why..

Then the end approached, although I didn't think his route took into the bowels of the Metro! I don't know about you, but I lost at leat five minutes looking at this photo. Can I apply to become his physio [deluded LOL]. Vous avez un physique tres séduisant, Tomasz-- ouais ouais!

Speaking of impressive phallic manifestations, Tomasz finished his ride in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, along with a thousand or so other brave souls.

Tomasz is now on the Eurostar home, hopefully getting some kip. It's only right I should leave the last word to him...

My last message from Paris: Can I thank everyone who sponsored me in these hard times. I've appreciated every penny. Thank you so much. All money will go to medical research and saving tiny lives. Pounds are still coming in but around £2700 so far. All The best! Tomasz

Une véritable étoile, n'est pas?


{i} Kirsty: Does Dan still say that?

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