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23 Jul 2010

Fifteen percent rise

I'm glad to say Tomasz made it to Chartres, although poor Tomasz was misled into thinking it was a flattish ride. In fact it entailed riding up hills of around 6500ft, often with gradients of 15%. The Schaf quipped: "Note to Weather Centre Boss: I still think I'm more tired after a morning shift at the BBC!".

He's certainly fitter than I am, having done over 100 miles in a day. A nicer ride tomorrow, 'just' 60 miles to Paris-- hope he has a good time there and no accidents befall him. As one wag on Facebook had it, just think of the funds he's raising for diarrhoea relief. He'll have no problem, il a les belles jambes fortes. I'm hoping he gives us some nice photos of his belle bosse en lycra. Est-ce que je suis détraqué?

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